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U rritëm bashkë me klientët, të cilëve vazhdojmë t'u japim dashuri me punën më kreative nga zyrat në Prishtinë dhe Tiranë, së shpejti edhe në Londër.

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Birra Peja

U rritëm bashkë me klientët, të cilëve vazhdojmë t'u japim dashuri me punën më kreative nga zyrat në Prishtinë dhe Tiranë, së shpejti edhe në Londër.

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The Legendary Beer

Created for Birra Peja with Dedication Love | 2020

Birra Peja is the most popular and the largest beer producer in the country. Around since 1971, it remains the dearest beer to all the generations. We were given the task of launching the new bottle design in 2014, and have been together since.

Live Your Life

Broadcast in 2016, this corporate TV commercial remains the most expensive ad to have ever been produced in Kosova. It portrays only young women enjoying each others’ company with a beer by their side and nothing else to worry about, expressing freedom and the carefree life everyone should ultimately strive for.

This campaign ran throughout the year, changing its appearance every season.

Explore the Nature

Among many activities throughout the years, Birra Peja often engaged in corporate social responsibility campaigns promoting local businesses, festivals, various festivities, sports and even the entire country in the international level.

This particular campaign invited beer lovers to enjoy their favourite drink in the beautiful outdoor spots in Kosova, blending with the nature, protecting it, and reminding them where this beer comes from.

Digital Socialising

Throughout the years, we have produced a vast amount of social media content, involving cool animations, educational campaigns, prize games and the like.

Go Crazy With Football…

Birra Peja was the official sponsor of the Albanian national team, during its famous campaign to qualify for Euro 2016 in France. And it did, for the first time ever.

This historic event was celebrated in Albania and Kosova alike, since the Kosovar national team could not participate in these competitions, waiting to be accepted in FIFA and UEFA. The Albanian team consisted of players from both countries, making this a nationwide event.

We produced content across all the media, culminating with this TV advert, where excited Albanians suddenly started learning and speaking French, preparing for their trip to watch the Euro.

This ad is still remembered as one of the funniest commercials to have been produced.

The Euro 2016 qualification initiated a widespread social media campaign that invited everyone, especially the football fans, to make up songs and chants to be performed in the French stadiums.

Best video selfie performances were awarded 1000 euros and given tickets to watch the Albanian matches in France, making this campaign viral in both Albania and Kosova.

… or Watch Football in Peace

Birra Peja produced its zero alcohol beer during the Euro 2016 in France, giving a choice to the fans to either go crazy or watch their game in peace.

The follow-up TV commercial portrayed a couple of Albanian football fans as well-behaved, civilized individuals watching a game in a chaotic environment, caused by fans of other countries.

During the Euro 2016 qualifiers, one of the Albanian national team members refused to wear the tracksuit with the Birra Peja logo because of his religious views, becoming news throughout.

We produced a Birra Peja Zero billboard and social media posts especially for him, simultaneously raising awareness that a beer without alcohol is an acceptable drink, contrary to some religious beliefs. He did find it funny. 🙂

Goodness from the Darkness

Darkness is usually associated with unfortunate or tragic events, but are they with Birra Peja Dark? Featuring Ermal Mamaqi, a comedian and entertainer, we decided to put him in an unusual situation, where things were not so funny anymore.

Finders Keepers

The upcoming Sunny Hill Festival of 2019, the largest entertainment event featuring Dua Lipa and friends, found Birra Peja as it’s main sponsor.

We devised a treasure hunt in every city in Kosova, by announcing the time when a clue video would be published on Facebook for every city. The video would show a pair of hands putting a Sunny Hill Festival ticket inside a bottle, and throwing it in an unusual location, briefly showing a small part of the neighbourhood, giving the hunters a glimpse, a small clue of the location of the bottle.

The campaign became viral nationwide. Hundreds would wait for the clue videos, immediately going in the search for the bottle. Every single bottle was eventually found, and we made sure they were all disposed off properly.

Fun in every season

During our cooperation, we have been creating a new campaign every season, which would run throughout the months in various forms and channels, but always carrying the same seasonal message.

The History of Birra Peja, according to Hans

Birra Peja was first produced in 1971, in socialist Yugoslavia. Very little is known how it came to be. A German beer expert was brought to Peja and helped produce it, but very little is known as to who he was, or who brought him there.

In 2014, Birra Peja had just introduced its new bottle, drastically changing its design. Worried it might look like a new product entering the market, rather than the famous beer with decades of tradition, they asked us to make sure we tell the story right.

So, we produced a three-part TV commercial, finally revealing the origin of Birra Peja, not caring much about it’s accuracy.

We invented “the German” and told his story, to give some meaning to the elusive history that no one can recall today. We named him Hans, the peaceful German who decided he didn’t want to fight in the Second World War anymore, deserting the army and deciding to continue his life in the Rugova mountains, where the famous Birra Peja water and natural ingredients come from.

After living a life solitude for about 30 years or so, hunting animals, building a cabin and finally finding the formula his beer-making father had taught him when he was little, Hans decides to embark in Peja, bringing a gift in a barrel for its citizens.

After tasting the beer, the Pejans fall in love with Hans, while he falls in love with a beautiful woman, whom he marries, creates a large family, helps create the largest beer factory in Kosova, and they all live happily ever after.

Hans became one of the most lovable TV commercial characters after this campaign. Not one believed his story, but who cared, as long as the beer was great.