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U rritëm bashkë me klientët, të cilëve vazhdojmë t'u japim dashuri me punën më kreative nga zyrat në Prishtinë dhe Tiranë, së shpejti edhe në Londër.

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U rritëm bashkë me klientët, të cilëve vazhdojmë t'u japim dashuri me punën më kreative nga zyrat në Prishtinë dhe Tiranë, së shpejti edhe në Londër.

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Develop yourself

Created for MyDev with Passion | 2022

MyDev- Development made easy

Mydev is a multifunctional ecosystem with seven platforms under its wing that offer different services dedicated to business management, ranging from internal processes to developing online presence.

Our duty was to start with the identity development for all these platforms, develop an image that would give a personality to each of them by sharing many similarities, since they all belong to one entity.

We used a chain as the main symbol of the logo for MyDev, but stylized it with unusual shapes by using softer and rounder forms that are all well connected, and came up with an image that symbolizes a strong and inseparable bond between all the platforms under MyDev.

Our services didn’t end with the identity, we offered web design, social media design, animation videos, and many other related services.

We took this task with great responsibility, because the platform would be published for the first time in our market and expand shortly around the world as well.

Claritask- Be a doer

One of Mydev’s most popular platforms is Claritask. This platform helps in online management and covers the needs of the commercial world, whether for personal purposes (blogs, photos, artists, etc.) or for business purposes (online sales, email marketing campaigns, product presentations), etc.

The logo is conceived and designed based on the main function of the platform, that of completing tasks. Therefore, the three main lines stand for completion of tasks at different stages.

We have delivered many services for Claritask, from identity creation to designing the website and all accompanying materials about the features of this platform and its operations.

Convosio- Talk to us

Convosio is a chat system, a platform that enables businesses to be closer to their customers by communicating with them in real time.

We designed the logo by using the chat icon as the main symbol, and added another one opposite that symbolizes the presence and closeness of the customer service to its users.

Using the same style we have designed the website and platform dashboards which is work in progress, continuously growing.

Irevu – Be on top

A good image in the market is key for any business to grow, iRevu is a platform that helps business owners increase and manage their online reviews and overall reputation so that they can focus on their business growth and online image.

iRevu was an existing platform with an already established brand that has been for some time on the market, so we just remodeled the logo by making it more modern and fit with the rest of the platforms under MyDev. Just like we did with the rest of the platforms we used as the main logo symbol the main function of the platform which in this case is, what else than a star.

The logo entered the market strongly as we planned.

And as with the rest of the projects we have designed all accompanying elements of this platform, starting from the website to social media posts.

Sendbat- Sending your way to success

Sendbat is an online marketing platform which helps companies in developing memorable campaigns through SMS and emails.

We were asked to create an attractive and unique brand that makes this platform stand out from so many similar services out there, so we started by designing a logo with an unusual style, but always staying true to the colors of the main ecosystem.

We played with the main symbol of the emails and set the speed of this platform in the center, so the final logo symbolizes sending emails with great power.

Our work continued with the designing of the website, but didn’t end there as we worked closely with the developers in making it as practical and user friendly as possible, continuing further in social media.

MORSIX- More is more

Morsix is ​​a digital platform that helps in organization, planning, and inventory control of the various companies, by helping them to reduce possible errors within the warehouse, making it an ultimate organizing and inventory control tool.

This system is designed to help different businesses track their goods and distribute them safely, enabling them a more efficient management.

We have designed the logo, and website for Morsix, with special focus in the creation of dashboards by making them practical and user friendly for internal staff in addition to their aesthetics.

Claritick- Tick errors away

Is a ticketing system, that enables businesses to capture and manage requests from their clients efficiently, by categorizing requests by the type of concerns.

As with the rest of the platforms we have designed the logo by using the same modality and colours, and producing all accompanying elements from website to social media content.

Ipaymer- easy pay

IPaymer is a platform that creates a convenient payment experience for everything that is sold and bought online. Ipaymer enables you to pay from any type of card you own, seamlessly, but in the fastest way possible.

We designed this platform’s identity and worked on all the accompanying promotional materials, designed website and came up with attractive slogans, continuing our work through social networks, posting different content with the aim to promote the platforms services.

ZUITTE- Management made easy

Zuitte is a platform that has developed a range of applications to make the process of building, owning, and operating your business easier and more effectively, by managing customer relationships, sending invoices, collecting payments, organizing teams, sending emails, automating social media accounts, etc.

We have designed the logo but being a complex platform with many services under its wing, we have been challenged in finding a way to include parts of each of these services within the identity.

The logo was built based on the colors of Mydev and the letter Z was placed in the center.

We also designed the website and related social media content.

AZALYTICS – A to Z analytics

The Zuitte platform was recently split into several other platforms to perfect all the services and give due importance to each of them.

It continued the division with the part of statistics and analysis but needed a creative and very attractive name to be remembered. Therefore, once again the minds came together for a new name. We combined A to Z with the word Analytics, that together gives you the name Azalytics.

Urless- less is sophisticated

An integral part of a truly amazing brand is also its name, this time we put our creative minds together to come up with a meaningful name for MyDev’s new system “URL Shortener”, we aimed for a name that is easy to remember but also unusual, you guessed it “URLESS”.