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U rritëm bashkë me klientët, të cilëve vazhdojmë t'u japim dashuri me punën më kreative nga zyrat në Prishtinë dhe Tiranë, së shpejti edhe në Londër.

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Raiffeisen Bank

U rritëm bashkë me klientët, të cilëve vazhdojmë t'u japim dashuri me punën më kreative nga zyrat në Prishtinë dhe Tiranë, së shpejti edhe në Londër.

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The Bumblebee of Banks

Created for Raiffeisen Bank with Love | 2012

Bruce Lee is Alive

After a successful event a year earlier, we were selected by Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo to organize the 2012 end of year party, with a single special request: to equal or better the party of the year before.

That seemed to be a tougher request than we expected, since the previous party was difficult to match. After a careful consideration of various yellow-black themes, we came to the conclusion that there was only one person that represents strength and speed, is lovable and famous and wears those colours.

Enter Bruce Lee, the character that led the way to great food, the ruffle ticket game, karaoke, the photo quiz, and a wonderful performance by a Taekwondo master from South Korea.

Place: Emerald Hotel
Guests: Over 500
Fun: Heaps

To Be Remembered

We were asked to organize the end of year party for all the employees of Raiffeisen Bank in Kosova in 2011. The main requirement was to make it a night to remember.

The exclusive service at Emerald Hotel provided the most important ingredient for a good party: food and drinks. Keeping over 800 guests entertained for six hours, though, was a challenge in itself.

We arranged a number of activities: It started off with classical music during the reception, during which time guests took their pictures at the photo corner, to get framed photographs at the end of the party, registration for the raffle ticket prize draw and the quiz.

After a brief presentation by the CEO, talking about the successes of 2011 and expectations for 2012, as well as the handing of the Employee of the Year award, the entertainment continued with a combination or rock, latino and Albanian folk music, the raffle ticket prize draw that sent the winners to fancy weekends in Turkey, Macedonia and a dinner at an exclusive restaurant. Winners of the quiz competition received 2 kg of finest Belgian chocolate.

The party concluded by presenting special branded gifts to employees, together with framed photographs they took during the reception. The event became talk of the town, for being the fanciest among the other similar parties by other corporations.

The Pillow

Using the pillow as a metaphor, we produced a TV commercial in 2007, to represent the Long Term Deposit Savings as the safest and most traditional method of keeping money safe and close by, but with the difference – it grows over time.

This is the first Kosovar TV commercial to be exported, broadcasted in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Card Designs

We designed the VISA Electron ATM card, depicting local and corporate symbols combined and colour-coded by product category, in 2005.


Logo design of Kosova Basketball Superleague, which was sponsored by Raiffeisen Bank, and branding the juniors’ accounts.

Old, But Gold

Producing a single campaign for two separate products is never easy, even if they belong to the same category. Although Flexi and Personal are both loans, the subtle differences made it challenging to visualize together. Flexi Loan was tailored for customers who wished to have that extra little cash in the shape of the overdraft equaling the size of their monthly salary, while Personal Loan was meant for customers who wished something more, up to €20,000. Produced in 2005.

The end result was the production and design of outdoor material portraying characters in two different locations, visually interlinked with each other through situations that describe the use of each of the bank products. While Flexi Loan allows that extra cash you need for a holiday, Personal Loan is ideal for refurnishing your home.