U rritëm bashkë me klientët, të cilëve vazhdojmë t'u japim dashuri me punën më kreative nga zyrat në Prishtinë dhe Tiranë, së shpejti edhe në Londër.

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Cafi – 09.2023

Just because.

Lea – 08.2023

Committed dedication.

Qëndresa – 06.2023

Stood to the storms.

Meriton – 05.2023

The savior of all time.

Envis – 04.2023

Unstoppable until 22.00.

Fati Mormorina
Fati – 03.2023

Fati, 🤘🤙👈☝️👍✋👌🖖🤞

Cafi – 02.2023

Cafi, our armature.

Ani – 01.2023

Ani, <html> <head> <title>Well Done!</title> </head> <body>

Kastro and Fati – 2022

This year Karrota constellation had two stars that shone brighter throughout the year.

Jon – Nov ’22

Joni, our star from Liverpool.

Eugen – Oct ’22

Eugen, blessed by inspiration.

Riga – Sep ’22

Riga, plays hard, but works harder.

Fati – Aug ’22

Fati, shining bright.

Genti – Jul ’22

Genti, this month’s social media star.

Kastro – June ’22

Kastro, effective as 40 people.

Besi – May ’22

If you didn’t receive an invitation to our party, it’s his fault.

Lona – Apr ’22

Lona, posting her way to the star of the month.

Geldi – Mar ’22

Geldi, the fun ambassador.

Strong hand – Feb ’22

NEWBORN needs a strong hand for getting a new look.

Fati – Jan ’22

Lucky us, to be found by Fati.

Envisi – Dec ’21

Envis-a-vis with the stars.

Briki – Nov ’21

Brikena, a rising star, not only in Karrota!

Argi – Oct ’21

Argnesa, the secret godmother!

Diellza – Sep ’21

Shined into a star this month.

Cafi – Aug ’21

Cafi, stuck KIN-s all the way to China.

Briki – Jul ’21

Wrote her way to the star of the month.

Albushi – June ’21

Never said a 'no'!

Tuti – May ’21

Tuti, eats logos like frutti.

Cassi – Apr ’21

The next survior.

Pipurni – Mar’21

Gets work done with commitment, a lot of positivity and questions.

Meriçka – Feb ’21

Because his ass was saved, and as a result, our asses got saved too.

Tutimi – Jan ’21

Although he joined the family this month, nothing shadowed his shining.

Hasafi – Dec ’20

A December star shines brighter. Cafi is always our go-to person for everything. This month he has delivered more gifts than Santa!

Jumanji – Nov ’20

These beautiful people overcame Covid like real champs.

Arti – Oct ’20

Supplied us with burek every day

Qfisi – Sep ’20

He paid our salaries on time

Igla – Aug ’20

Took care of the beautiful things we did for Tirana's 100 year anniversary

Doni & Hamda – Jul ’20

Finally completed this bloody website

Nora – June ’20

Designed a really beautiful and meaningful identity for a school

Merisa – May ’20

Kept us together online during the entire lockdown

Geldi – Apr ’20

The pandemic couldn't stop him from opening our office in Albania

Merichka – Mar ’20

Made our most beautiful birthday and re-branding video

Jonada – Feb ’20

Selected and wrote the most moving quotes on NEWBORN

Fisi – Jan ’20

Finally designed something that actually won