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U rritëm bashkë me klientët, të cilëve vazhdojmë t'u japim dashuri me punën më kreative nga zyrat në Prishtinë dhe Tiranë, së shpejti edhe në Londër.

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U rritëm bashkë me klientët, të cilëve vazhdojmë t'u japim dashuri me punën më kreative nga zyrat në Prishtinë dhe Tiranë, së shpejti edhe në Londër.

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The Little Giant

Created for Z-mobile with Love | 2019

Z mobile decided to enter the Kosovar telecommunications market with a big bang back in 2010. Being an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and facing a huge challenge to compete against two already established mobile operators, Z mobile became the David against the giants, after hiring us to launch one of the most daring brands in the market.

The Big Launch

Launching of Z mobile was one of the most challenging and enjoyable projects of the year. With two other mobile networks already established, fighting for a market share was a challenge in itself.

We created a brand that would be distinguishable from the competition, together with a set of designs that would follow the brand in the shape of origami. Each product or service had an origami figure that would identify it throughout advertisement, points of sale and promotional products.

It was important to create an impact, which we did by launching a teaser campaign with four TV commercials, prior to widely broadcasting the first corporate TV commercial (all in the videos below), together with newspaper & magazine ads, billboards and city lights country wide.

The launch of this mobile operator started with a prestigious party with over 600 guests.

Viber stickers

The Z mobile Viber sticker pack was the first and the most popular pack around for quite a while, featuring the various jokes and characters released over the years.

The Big Diss

Following the competition’s huge and costly campaigns offering amazing prizes for a few lucky random winners, expecting their clients to spend money sending expensive SMS messages to enter the prize draw, we swiftly responded with low budget, high impact campaigns, offering all of the Z mobile clients limitless call time with every operator, as well as heaps of internet, dissing the competition.

The campaigns resulted with a very positive response from happy clients, who all got to win in the end.

Rhyming the Offers

We produced two TV commercials with actors rhyming through the entire dialogue, explaining the Z mobile special offer in great detail. Even the best local hip-hop artists became envious.

Neighbouring Numbers

The release of the new 046 prefix by Z mobile, meant that people could choose their new phone numbers. To make the offer even more attractive, we decided to produce a full campaign that invites couples and families to get new numbers that are identical, with only the last digit changing, making their numbers neighbours.

The campaign immediately received a huge number of requests from new clients to switch to Z mobile.

Roaming Easy

Roaming has never been easier and cheaper, and Izet can vouch for that. From a busy day at work in Kosova, to chilling in Albanian seaside, switching to roaming is as easy as ordering a cool cocktail at the beach. One of those colorful ones, with a tiny umbrella.

The campaign consisted of a cool animation and respective designs across the all communication channels, focusing on social media.

Create Your Own Team

Promoting Z mobile’s Fol me 10 (Circle of 10) product was a bit of a challenge. A research showed that many users don’t seem to put their 10 closest people in the circle, in order to use the value added from this product, mainly because they don’t know who to add.

Our idea was to explain this by creating a football team, being that the World Cup was very near. The goalkeeper would be the user itself, while the team would consist of members of family and friends.

We produced three TV commercials using a famous football commentator, which gave the campaign an immediate impact. We also produced print advertisement, brochures and leaflets.

Welcoming Expats

Kosovar diaspora is HUGE. So huge, the country’s economy depends largely on the remittances sent by family members from abroad.

Most of them spend their summer holidays back home, making the summer the most important season of the year for every family. To make their stay even more pleasurable, we decided to dedicate special rates for people from abroad, showing our gratitude for their contribution to the economy.

No One Believes Them Prices

Z mobile’s “Fol me 5” (Circle of 5) product offered unbelievably cheap voice calls and SMS between people within that circle.

We used this argument to create the TV commercial where the protagonist gets slapped every time he talks about the product, because people don’t believe him. Campaign also consisted of print advertisement, brochures and leaflets.

Penalty shootout

Production, design and development of an online email penalty shootout game for Z mobile, to follow the 2010 World Cup campaigns produced at the same time.

Players challenge other players, friends and family, through email, by shooting and defending three penalties. Once the challenge is sent, the challenged player plays his own moves and then watches the outcome, all this featuring the most famous football commentator in the country, Kemal Çarkaxhiu.

The game had an integrated high score table, chat and options to challenge other players. Each week, the top player would win a symbolic prize.

1.5 million games were played within four weeks.

Experience the World Cup Outloud

We were asked to promote a special offer by Z mobile, which coincided with the Football World Cup during the month of June 2010.

We produced a campaign with an international football feel, showing people wearing football jerseys of different countries with Albanian funny names starting with the letter “Z” on their backs. We also produced Z mobile t-shirts in various colours as well as football style packaging for SIM cards.

The offer lasted for one month and sold over 30,000 SIM cards, which was a record selling month for Z mobile.

Say What You Want, Whenever You Want

Mixha (The uncle) became famous on the internet from a couple of TV interviews, where he speaks about happiness and doesn’t hesitate to express himself in German language. These interviews became viral instantly.

We used this opportunity to bring Mixha to a different level. Since when he spoke hardly anyone understood him, we got him to talk about various things, including love, aliens, football, economy and global warming, among other things.

Under the slogan Say what you want, whenever you want, Mixha went viral once again in 13 TV commercials for Z mobile, distributed only on YouTube and Facebook. He became even more famous, and so did our client. Videos made half a million views within a week.

Various Campaigns

Throughout the years of cooperation, we have produced a vast number of one off campaigns and offers in all available media.